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STEM Subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is where the culture of Innovation hoovers in specific.

PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) are vehicles of economy advancement because they focus on: Performance and sharing Risk.

Earn while you Learn is needed in advanced economies and in developing ones. However, Inflation ought to be monitored.

Business Ethics evolve around integrity as a main concept, as long as you avoid the pitfalls of covet, murder, theft, blasphemy, adultery, idolatry and will sustain.

Tools within reach can save businesses

starting from a calculator ending with computer loaded with hardware and software. can we consider humans as tools? 

Market is defined as supply-demand, demand is a show drawn.

Yes in a very simple form. who makes initiations?  

Naivety damages the business, it is Novelty that thrives it.

If you walk in the streets and you find a boy selling a piece of anything. Do you doubt that he does not know the story behind it?

Please, you want us to invest in ongoing projects? Then please it should be feasible.

How can i put my money at risk in an on going project when mostly i don't have control over?

There is something divine about planning and design

The thing is planning and design are brain related work at most but also spiritual if you add imagination component.specially if doing things in a perfect manner is targeted. 

A good planner is a good calculator A good planner is a good anticipator

Within your plan, you cannot wait for things to happen, you need to anticipate what the wind will carry along.