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science can only get overcome by higher one...statistics don’t count.

When discussing subjects related to science you can actually weaken your argument if Statistics  (sub science) is used as an example. 

Motivation can include provocation

Responsibility accountability and liability separate to each other common to sincerity

Ambiguity is as important as clarity

Strategy involves storing information..accumulating experience and sometimes avoiding actions leading to response

Touching originality issues hits the nerves...

Originality coexist next to originality

Originality is the ultimate good lure to real investors

i Don't do speculations

Feelings (regardless) fuel the business buzz...

What is the point of luxury if you are inside the best coffin?????

you offer the best?? name the price

Not only should AI be optional but it also should be on demand.

Is it right to abuse machines as they are being more intelligent??

AI should put more emphasis on translation of languages

AI industry mustn’t purpose Jobs Creation

AI should be manipulation -proof

AI usage should be made optional

AI is smart as i use it

Abstract is the art of finding solutions...

If you want to talk business don’t announce your out of a sudden

Promotions are success regardless of sales or not

Presenting a message..focus on it ...or lose the audience

Too much time consumes energy...

Don't uncover an offer from a bluffer...otherwise you might suffer.

Slogans advertised from companies should be aligned with employees reactions

The good thing about having a reference in work or life is that even ifyou are lost is still There.

Planning needs the space and vice versa

Good websites require not Demonstration

Adaptation is key in e-commerce...Go with the flow

Dispute is part of business naturally it has to be accounted .

Social media reflects and then deflects “realities”

Want to work with liquid financial products ...become a fluid

I am realizing yes from the book i am writing

I don't like to learn from my mistakes. I prefer “mistakes” learn from me

Quality reasons investment

Routine pushes pleasure away

Reputation strengthens the chain.

The good thing about respecting preferences is that it revives business relationship

The good thing about “change” is that it is good...

The relationship between supply and demand is stimulation

Influencing goes high if it is natural+artificial...

Business depends on opportunity and opportunity depends on the business

How do we deal with a good company that had one day a corrupted element...

Whenever i start talking about integrity , i become under a spot light i created

If you would like to ask questions start with the specialist

To avoid disappointments watch for your actions....

Logistics does not severely change strategy

strategy change

Predictable unpredictable who knows

Advertisements are sources of info..specially the ones repeating

Redundancy is good online

I stay away from relevance and search for it...

You want to do marketing for me?? I need to get to know the tiny tiny details.

Pacing the Business relationship increase trust

Business conflicts ought not to negatively affect customer support misleading him with ambiguous solutions and wasting his time.

Cultural awareness is very important in customer service

Skimming is dangerous when finalizing business deals

Feelings mean mistakes...but they also convey a cry for closeness

Vip or not، follow up is vital

Relaxation is the art of doing small beautiful things one after the other.

Agility can be achieved in bigger organizations. That is done through Engineering

The balance between Small Organizations and Bigger one is leadership

Choosing language in conversations is irrelevant as long as there is alignment

in business, majority follow minority...

Obvious or not does not matter, but stay from being "the Typical"

Project management = Single point of contact

What is the point of walk when you can’t talk???

The key to continued business is making lots and lots of sense

Indirect feedback puts direct feedback to side

I am with women empowerment but development skills needed especially management and empathy

Resumes & ancient introduction..move on to ORM

Control is always a top-middle-down process...

Argument leads to volume...a positive perception

Platforming leads to enhanced control..

Ideas sorted and categorized need argument to be add in order to create convince

Referencing is important but not necessary with good amount of credibility

Sorting out ideas leads to categorizing

Decision making is a single point process based on relying on different opinions

The first step in sorting ideas is to collect

Efficiency can me monitored by repeat-ability

Effectiveness can be measured with time

Translation process is highly affected by relationship biases

Core competencies is a reference to the professional basics

Turning ideas into substance needs collaboration

In order to realize go by the book

Te co-relationship between reassurance, risk as well as insurance is very low

Programming should become part of the user experience

In business, first things first

Scenario planning does not vision the future it is a brick by brick

Advanced credit boosts confidence and may result in achievement S

A true leader at his highest always anchors to his or hers elder leader

A business without a landline is fake

Third party liabilities are scarecrows

Gearing in debts is a myth.

How can I capitalize in a social market....

New startups give business ahead of taking

When cleaning clutter, when to stop?? At the point where you can make a schedule on your own....

Negotiations success depends on the level of pressure...!!

New ventures and common culture correlated..

Issues don’t have to be sorted out ahead of their occurrence..if at all i right???

Spontaneous people deserves to be rewarded

Some types of interest causes tension

I hope in the future artificial intelligence does not become too sensitive!!!!!

Advertisements are great ..but they are sensitive to quantity as well as quality.

Simplicity is the key to solving complexities...

Debts lead to tax...

Iteration leads to finalization

Due diligence is the key to accessibility...

I can not capitalize on something i don't own...

If i withdraw something from you...i will give some in return...

Restricted mobility is a new technology

I have only one schedule five times a day

Business partners have to be mutually up to the date...

Sorting out things starts with hearing them Out

If you want to dive in the stock market,expect to loose...

Pressing like in social media can skew can we solve??

Systems override is not that common in automation but it is sometimes needed!!!!

A reception without a receptionist...!!!!!!

Negotiations table should not be abused

Asking for cash when you offer credit is an indication of incredible circumstances

How can I approach a service provider when he gets into same mistake!!!

To move on be swift

Artificial Intelligence lacks sensitivity!!!!!!!!!!!

Mentioning drugs increases the chances of getting attached to them...

I suggest to relax when you feel you are one partner of a knot....

Skills...use new ones after applying old ones...

Articles credibility might be questionable.

At this point...i of a headache...